New Aldi Store

Posted by Price Right (Pallance Road) on Thursday, 26th January 2012, 23:59

I have noticed whole page adverts in national newspapers for this store and thought what a lot of bargain prices they advertised.

I am told that we are actually going to have one of these stores on the BAE site at Somerton. Well good show is all I can say.

By the way, I hope our local elected people voted for this. If not, why not?

Anyway roll on a truly local new bargain store.

Price Right (Pallance Road)

Thread originally posted 19th March 2010.

7 responses to “New Aldi Store”

  1. An Old Granny says:

    Four months since I last asked the question and I am still none the wiser regarding Aldi.

    Is it still going ahead?

    If yes, do we know when?

  2. An Old Granny says:

    Has the trail gone cold on Aldi? It looks as if I may have to give up driving soon and having a local store would make the world of difference to me.

  3. Roger Maz says:

    Fair do’s HS but to be fair to Cowes and Gurnard Councils, they did not feel strongly enough re the new store to make a public objection, as was their right, at the actual planning meeting. This was commented on by myself and others at that meeting.

    What is important however is that we continue to support our local newsagent/tobacconist and the Post Office shops as these provide for an important local need. The new store chain does not sell newspapers and tobacco nor provide P.O. services.

    Best wishes, Roger Maz.

  4. Even Happier Shopper says:

    At last we have a post that I can agree with Roger on! Yes it will be nice to have an Aldi store in the area. I like most travel to Newport to get my food etc, not Cowes or Gurnard or Northwood so they wont loose my cash.
    I read the planning application a few weeks back and noted that very few people objected, but what really surprised me was Gurnard Parish Council didn’t want it? I can understand Cowes Town Council making the comments they made but not Gurnard its a one horse town, good horse but not as cheap or capable of carrying the stock Aldi can or the ease of parking for young and old.
    Its stupid local council decisions like that that get all PCs bad press, ours included.
    Even Happier Shopper.

  5. Roger Maz says:

    Well said Price Right. I can confirm both myself and other Parish Councillors voted to support the planning application subject to several conditions about, access, landscaping, height of buildings etc etc.

    These reflected both our own concerns and those of some local residents and the Planning Committee agreed to grant permission subject to a number of these type of conditions.

    I understand there is a small chance the new store will be open for Christmas but if not early in the new year.It will be good to have such a well run “bargain” supermarket on our own doorstep.

    Best wishes, Roger Mazillius

    PS I am sure TAP’s posting was well intended but who could possibly find what you said worthy of criticism?

  6. TAP says:

    Agree fully with your sentiments.

    Though have to say, be careful poking your head above the parapet can be fairly traumatic. Choose your future words with care or the vigilantes of Northwood will target your posts with their bile. It is clear change is not in their mindset.


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