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             Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 24th February 2009

                          At The W. I.  Hall Northwood

Present:-  C Palmerton (Chairman), A Chick (Vice Chairman), R   Mazillius(Councillor),J Pullen (Neighbourhood Watch), PCSO S Oatley, D Miller, N Thearle, P.Fuller, Mrs P Jardine, Mrs J Knight, Mrs M Yule, Mrs P Elford,Mrs E Palmerton (Secretary)

Apologies:- Mrs A Jonas

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.45pm, welcoming all present to the new venue. 

Declaration of Interest:-

D Miller declared interest in item 11.

1.   Minutes of previous meeting:-

The minutes have been circulated to all members, prior to the meeting. Proposed by R  Mazillius, seconded J Pullen, the Chairman signed the minutes.

2.   Police & Neighbourhood Watch Reports:-

PCSO Oatley reported there have been no incidents of anti social behaviour or criminal damage in Northwood over the last 30 days. In Oxford Street a wheelchair had been taken       from an open garage, but later recovered. A jacket was stolen from the Horseshoe Inn. He stressed to all present to advise their friends and neighbours to lock their garages and sheds and also their doors and windows. There has, however been quite an amount of incidents in Gurnard of theft and anti social behaviour. PCSO Oatley also asked everyone to report any incidents to the Police. These can then be recorded and monitored.
J Pullen agreed with PCSO Oatley regarding the securing of premises. Even if you are in your house, lock your door. Please be aware there are a lot of “opportunist burglars” about       and can be in and out before you know it.

3.   Guest Speaker:- This item was cancelled.

4.   Secretary’s Report;-

The Secretary reported that the bid for the notice board and bus shelter seats has been agreed and signed and work will commence shortly on the installation. The Acre bid unfortunately was unsuccessful this year. There were many applications and funds were limited.
Application form and rules for the Calor Village of the Year have been received. This will be an agenda item for the next meeting.

5.  Treasurer’s Report:-

In the absence of the Treasurer, the Secretary handed round her report. It showed that £100 had been received from the Parish Council in respect of the Northwood News last year. It was proposed by J Pullen and seconded by R Mazillius that the report be accepted. All agreed.

6.   Councillor’s Report:-

R Mazillius said that their had been 22 applications for allotments, 16 of which have confirmed their intentions. After re measuring there is room for 20 plots. Planning permission for hard standing has to be obtained. The One Million Blooms gardens – work has been postponed because of the weather, also the plants were not available. Road damage at the entrance to the village from Newport. This has been reported and will be dealt with urgently.
It is expected that 3.5% will be added to Council Tax in the budget. Cycle way closed from Stag Lane to Dodnor Park until 28th March 2009. The annual review of bus contracts is in progress. The Head of Highways met with the Chairman, N Thearle, Mrs Jardine and himself to review the problems of speeding etc in Pallance Road and Pallance Lane. Village Green status – a draft report has now been received and it recommends that the lower part of the field is declared to be a Village Green. This has to be ratified by the I. W. Council. After comments are received on the report, it has to go before an I.W Council committee. R Mazillius will report on further details.
A Chick said that there were comments from people who walk their dogs. If this is to be designated a Village green, will that mean it will be turned into a Children’s Play area. R Mazillius stated that it will remain exactly as it has always been.
Mrs Yule reported that on CS10 footpath Nodes Road to Newport Road, there is a large puddle. R Mazillius said that this has been reported and has asked for some resurfacing.
D Miller asked regarding Traffic issues –  lines through the pinch point in Pallance Road
The 30 mph speed limit to be extended from Venner Avenue to the Post Office . R Mazillius said the in April/May, all speed limits are being looked at and assured the meeting that the  Nodes Road and Place Road limits are being considered.
7.   Northwood in Bloom and One Million Blooms:-

The One Million Blooms has been addressed in the Councillor’s Report.
Northwood in Bloom – We are waiting for information regarding funds from Wight in Bloom. The Secretary has contacted the organisers and is waiting for instructions. J Pullen and R Mazillius were thanked for restoring the trough in Nodes Road to its correct position.

8.   Medham Report:-

Mrs Elford asked if this item could be removed from the agenda until a properly elected representative of the Medham Village Committee is appointed. She did however raise some points herself as a Medham resident. She thanked R Mazillius for getting the hedges cut. There is a lot of misuse of footpaths – CS33 is being used by cyclists. There has been a notice posted at the entrance to the footpath. R Mazillius asked Mrs Elford to email him with details.

9.   Amendment to the New Constitution:-

         Item 5, first bullet point should now read,

         “Meetings will be on fourth working Tuesday of each month”
         This was agreed by all present.

10.  Future Bids:-

         Funding for “Welcome Packs” – A Chick will send email 

         Registered Charity Status.

11.   Safer Routes to Schools:-

P Fuller stated that he is working with the Parish Council’s Traffic and Transport working party and input from Schools green route.
D Miller asked regarding the 20 mph signs. They are to be posted shortly.


12.  Village Trail:-

 J Pullen reported that he has walked part of the trail. A more detailed report will be given at the next meeting  R Mazillius said this was an excellent idea for application  for a bid. Mrs Yule kindly offered to look for funds. Thanks were expressed to Mrs Yule.
13.  Future Agenda Items:-

     Welcome Packs
     Village Trail
     Trim Trail
     Calor Village of the Year.

14.  Date of next Meeting:-




There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10pm, thanking all for their attendance.

















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