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Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 23rd March, 2010
At the W. I. Hall, Northwood

Present: –        C Palmerton (Chairman),  A Chick (Vice Chairman),  PCSO S Oatley, D Miller, 
 N Thearle,  J Pullen,  Mrs.  A  Jonas, Mrs. P Jardine,  Dr C Jackson, Mrs. J Knight,  
Mrs. E Palmerton (Secretary).
Apologies: –   Mrs. J Darby (ENO), Mrs. M Yule, Miss S Lambert, P Fuller.

     The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.48pm, welcoming all present.
     Declaration of Interest: –  Nil.
1. Chairman’s Report:- A copy of the Chairman’s report is attached to  these minutes.               
2. Minutes of last Annual General Meeting:-
The minutes of the last Annual General meeting had been circulated to all members. Proposed by
A Chick, seconded by Mrs. Knight, the Chairman signed them as a true record. All agreed.                        
3.      Police & Neighborhood Watch Reports:-  
 PCSO Oatley reported that in the past 30 days there had been no recorded crimes in Northwood. 
 The Street Mapping exercise is continuing in the area and the lowest return of questionnaires has 
 been from Oxford Street residents. At Somerton reservoir, the Water Bailiff’s are to teach the local
youths to fish. This project is working with the Environment Agency and hoping for funding from 
The Community Chest. It is expected to commence during the summer holidays. Children from 9 – 
13 years  of age will participate, probably Somerton Middle School. PCSO Oatley will also be involved.               
J Pullen (Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator), said that there had been nothing reported to him.
He made an observation that children were riding bicycles and scooters down Venner Avenue and  Wyatts Lane. This is very dangerous as there are vehicles travelling fast round these roads.  A Chick said there were 2 people using the access to the field in a car and not picking up any dog fouling.                  
J Pullen said that the ENO and the Dog Wardens are aware of events in the area and have been to see a resident and was warned regarding large dogs etc.
4.    Secretary/Treasurer Report:-
At the last Committee meeting, the Secretary was instructed to send a letter to  Northwood  Parish Council, regarding the state of the roads in Northwood.  Mrs. Palmerton read out the letter  which expressed the concerns  potential danger to motorists and cyclists. She then read out the reply from the Parish Council, which said that “they had decided that no action be taken. It was the Parish Councillors view that the roads were better or worse than those found nationwide. The IOW Council was doing their best to address the issue across the Island”. They thanked the Partnership for their comment.   
The Secretary reported on the ongoing 9 month saga of the state of the fence in Newport Road.  As  most members had noticed the fence was gradually being replaced by the farmer and has made been replaced has made a great difference to the look of the entrance to the village. The Secretary was asked to send a letter to the IOW Council Highways department, thanking them for their co-operation in getting, what could have been, a dangerous situation averted. The Secretary passed round a balance sheet  (April 2009 – March 31st 2010). Proposed by Mrs. Jonas and seconded by Mrs. Knight, the report was agreed.

5.       Election Of Officers:-    Chairman:- At this point the Vice Chairman, A Chick took the Chair. 
C Palmerton said that he would not be standing for re election. He stated that he had been proud and enjoyed being Chairman of the Partnership for the past years. He felt it was time for someone
with fresh ideas to take up the post.
The Vice Chairman thanked C Palmerton for all his hard work in the past. All agreed.
The Vice Chairman asked for nominations for Chairman. 
 Dr Jackson – proposed C Palmerton, seconded Mrs. Jonas. No other nominations. All agreed.   
 Dr Jackson accepted the post of Chairman.
 It was agreed that C Palmerton should finish  the meeting as Chairman.
 Vice Chairman: – A Chick – proposed Mrs. Palmerton, seconded C Palmerton.  No other  nominations. All agreed. A Chick accepted the post of Vice Chairman.
Secretary/Treasurer: – Mrs. Palmerton – proposed Dr Jackson, seconded Mrs. Jonas. No other nominations. All agreed. Mrs. Palmerton accepted the post of Secretary/Treasurer. 

5.  Bi-monthly Meetings:-
At the last Committee meeting it was suggested that the Partnership would meet bi-monthly and a letter was sent to all members asking for their opinion. Discussion took place and it was proposed  by N Thearle, seconded by Mrs. Knight and agreed that we meet bi-monthly from TUESDAY 25T MAY 2010. Future dates have been sent to all members. ( A copy is attached to these minutes). An amendment to the Constitution will be made. A letter will be sent to all local organizations  regarding the change.

  7.       Northwood in Bloom:-
The Secretary reported that a meeting with the IOW Council regarding Wight in Bloom is being held on 30th March, 2010, at which she and J Pullen, in his capacity of Chairman of the Parish Council will attend. Hopefully this is to advise of funding for this year’s floral displays.
  8.       Residents Event:-
Discussion took place as to what form this event should take – ask people what they would like- Cup of tea and a chat? – Quiz- get the local agencies involved i.e. Fire & Rescue, The Trading
 Standards Department. It was agreed to try the idea and set a date for WEDNESDAY 16TH JUNE, 2010, 2.30PM – 4.30PM AT THE W. I. HALL, NORTHWOOD. An advert IN THE Northwood News and Village Talk, advising residents of the event.

9.        Future of Bus Service:-

 As P Fuller was not at meeting, this item to be left to next meeting.  All agreed.

10.    50p Day:-
 This item to be left to next meeting. All agreed.

11.      Future Agenda Items:-
           Future of Bus Service.
           50p Day

12.     Date of next Meeting: –   TUESDAY 25TH MAY, 2010, 7.45PM AT W. I. HALL, NORTHWOOD.
    Dr Jackson expressed her thanks to C Palmerton for all the work done for the Partnership  . There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.25pm with thanks to all in attendance.

Signed……………………………………………………………………..Chairman ……………………………………………………      

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