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Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 27th July, 2010
At the W. I. Hall, Northwood
Present: – Dr. C. Jackson (Chairman), A. Chick (Vice Chairman), PCSO S Oatley, N. Thearle, C. Palmerton, 
J. Pullen, P. Clews-Cartwright, Mrs. P. Jardine, Mrs. B. Clews-Cartwright,
Mrs. E. Palmerton (Secretary)

Apologies: – D. Miller, P. Fuller, Mrs. M. Yule, Mrs. A. Jonas,  Miss S. Lambert, Cllr. R. Mazillius.   

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.46pm, welcoming all present.

Declaration of Interest: –  Nil.

1.           Minutes of Last Meeting:-
The minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to all members. Proposed by A. Chick, seconded Mrs. Jardine, the  Chairman signed the minutes as a true record.

2.      Police & Neighborhood Watch Reports:-
PCSO Oatley reported that incidents of crime have been very low in Northwood and Gurnard, over the past two months. Reports of drinking behind the garages in Horseshoe Close and a brick thrown through a window in Wyatts Lane. These have been investigated. Any person under the age of 18, caught with alcohol on 3 occasions in a Public Place, will go to court. The Isle of Wight is the first local area in Hampshire to carry out this action and it is proving successful.

J Pullen reported that residents were concerned regarding a disturbance on the village green and telephoned the Police, who attended. The editor of Northwood News is keeping a close watch on the contents of the village website blog.
3.    Secretary/Treasurer Report:
The Secretary reported that the application for a grant from the Community Action awards had not been successful. The overall winners of the Awards were the Street Pastors, for their work with residents. Angel Radio received £100.00 for their work on the Radio station for the more mature residents.
Our Public Liability Insurance is due for renewal on 7th October. The Secretary asked if the committee wished this to be renewed for a further year. All agreed.
We still have the goal posts and nets at Seaclose Park and she asked for ideas to recoup our money, so that we can undertake other initiatives for the benefit of the village and its residents. The goals and nets on the park will be removed by the IOW Council, at the end of autumn, so that the grass can be replaced. This area will be fenced off and they will be returned in early spring.

4          Northwood – In – Bloom:-
The judging round the village, by the IOW Council, Wight in Bloom Committee, has taken place. We have not heard the results. A letter of thanks has been sent to a very kind resident, who has made water available form his garden, for the ‘Gnomes’ to water the troughs. As most people have commented on the lovely flowers in the village, it is thanks to all, Residents and Gnomes, who care for them. It makes us proud of our village.  The next project will be the planting for the autumn and spring.


5.    Inaugural Residents Event:- This event was attended by about 20 residents. We were very pleased to welcome The Rector, The Rev’d  Lyn Mc Rostie, Associate Priest, The Rev’d Keith Adlam and Assistant Curate Rev’d Diana Netherway from St John the Baptist Church. Other organizations who attended this first event were the Fire & Rescue Services, the Safer Neighbourhood Team, the Rural Health Trainer, Trading Standards and Age Concern. The partnership expressed their thanks to all for their support.
6.    Future Residents Events:-
It was agreed by all present that on the request of the Residents, we should continue these events
on a monthly basis, i.e. August, September, October and November and review further events for 2011.  We will also try to obtain funding.                                  
A Chick reported that an indoor bowls carpet had been offered to the Partnership. Discussion took
place regarding the storage etc. and will be placed on the agenda for next meeting.
7.    50p Day:-
       This item will return to the agenda in the New Year.

8.    Future Agenda Items:-
       Report on Residents Events.
       Indoor Bowls Carpet . 
9.    Date of Next Meeting:-
       The next meeting will be on

There being no further business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.10pm, thanking all for their attendance.




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