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Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 16th December 2008

At Northwood Primary School


Present:  A Chick (Vice Chairman), R Mazillius (Councillor), J Pullen (Neighbourhood Watch) P. Fuller. N. Theale. Mrs. P. Jardine

 Sgt J Cocks, Mrs E Palmerton (Secretary)


Apologies: C Palmerton (Chairman), PCSO S Oatley, D Miller, Mrs  M Yule, Mrs J Knight, Mrs. A. Jonas Treasurer



The Vice Chairman opened the meeting at 6.03pm, welcoming all present.


There were no Declarations of interest to record.


1.              Minutes of Last Meeting:


These had been circulated prior to the meeting to all members. Proposed by P Fuller, seconded by R. Mazillius. The Vice Chair signed them as a true record.


2.              Police and Neighbourhood Watch Reports:


Sgt Cocks reported that there had been 120 requests, across the  Island, for the Traffic Police Department to attend for speed checking It 

It is hoped that checks will be made in the Northwood area around mid January.

A community Forum is scheduled for Wednesday the   28th January 2009,from 7.00pm to 9.30pm at the Church Hall, Birmingham Road, Cowes.

There will be a leaflet drop by the Police to all residents. During 2008 there were 65 crimes compared to 99 in2007. Crime is down 32% in Northwood and Gurnard and 28% in Cowes.

J Pullen reported that the Planters in Place Road had been vandalised and turned over. They have now been staked into the ground and replanted. (Thanks were expressed to John and Roger for this work).

There have been a group of people in Northwood calling themselves the

“Nottingham Knockers”. These have been “chased off”. Southern Electric has also been cold calling on residents.

This information has been passed to the Police and to the Trading

Standards office for action.


3.              Secretary’s Report:


Mrs Palmerton reported that an invoice had been received from Northwood Primary School for the hire of the School Hall

P Fuller suggested a letter be sent to the Northwood Parish Council

asking for a contribution of £25.00, as the Planning Meetings are held on the same evening.

The Committee asked the Secretary to write a letter to this effect.

The Calor Village of the Year 2009 is going to be organised by a new body.

Two bids have been placed for funding projects. The Leader bid for the Bus Shelter Seats and the placing of the Notice Board has been successful, and waiting to sign the final contract.

The ACRE bid for additional play equipment for the younger children on the Play Park has come to the second stage. So we waiting to hear the result.

The letter has been sent to the Northwood Parish Council, requesting £100.00 towards the cost of Northwood News for 2008, as instructed

by the previous meeting.

P Fuller wished to be placed on record, thanks to the Eileen and Colin for all their work for the Partnership. All agreed.

4.              Treasurer’s Report:


Due to the Treasurer being ill, the Secretary gave a report. There had been no change to the Finances since the last meeting. The Committee wished the Treasurer well. 

5.       Councillor’s Report:


R Mazillius reported that Graham Deacon, (Town Centre Manager) had visited Venner Avenue. He collected litter and inspected the Garage area

in Horseshoe Close. He was arranging for a leaflet drop in the area regarding litter and dog fouling

Speed checks ongoing and he now thinks a flashing 30 mph may be

put in place in the near future.

 Nodes Road –  he is waiting for the Engineers report regarding the crossing by the Bus Shelter.

 One Million Blooms – request for funds to make a garden at the Post Office.The planters will be moved to Coronation Avenue, where the residents will assume the care of them.

 There will also be some form of floral arrangement at the Somerton sign – update at the next meeting.

 Thanks were expressed to Roger for his work. All agreed.


6.         Northwood in Bloom:


Members of the Committee are tending the troughs, pots and gardens in the Village.


7.       Medham Report;


No representative present.


8.       New Constitution:


P Fuller is continuing to draft our new Constitution. One addition to be made is for the Isle of Wight Councillor to be a voting member.



9.                    Obtaining Funding for Northwood News entry:


The Partnership will have one page in the Northwood News at a cost of £87.50 for 10 issues. R. Mazillius said he would contribute £27.50 for

his report. J. Pullen said he would ask Neighbourhood Watch for a contribution.

P Fuller said he would ask the Friends of  Northwood Cemetary if they

would like to contribute.


10.                    Date for meeting the Director of Highways:


No date as yet but R Mazillius will advise at the next meeting.


11.                    Future Agenda Items:


   One Million Blooms ( Completion by 1st March 2009)

Venue for future meetings   

Ideas for Bid applications


12.                    Date of next Meeting:


The next meeting is on Tuesday 20th January 2009, 6.00pm

At Northwood Primary School


   The Secretary said that C Palmerton wished to thank everbody fo their support and hard work for the of

        for the good of the Residents and the Village. He wished everyone the compliments of the season


   The Vice Chairman  added his thanks and wished all the members   a  

   a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    The meeting closed at 7.50pm.


  Signature ……………………………………..Chairman ………………………………………    


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