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Minutes of Meeting held on Tuesday 24th March 2009

At the W. I. Hall Northwood

Present:- C Palmerton (Chairman), A Chick (Vice Chairman), R Mazillius (Councillor),
J Pullen (Neighbourhood Watch), D Miller PC M O’Sullivan, PC C Worsfold,
P Fuller, N Thearle, Mrs J Knight, Mrs P Jardine, Mrs A Jonas (Treasurer),
Mrs E Palmerton (Secretary)

Apologies:- Mrs M Yule, PCSO S Oatley, PC M Thomas, Mrs P Elford.

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.45pm, welcoming all present.
 Declaration of Interest:-

Item 7. P Fuller.
1: Minutes of Previous Meeting:¬

These were circulated to all members prior to the meeting. Proposed by N Thearle,  seconded by Mrs Jonas, the Chairman signed them as a true record.
2: Police & Neighbourhood Watch Report:-

        PC O’Sullivan and PC Worsfold reported that an incident at a house of an elderly resident in Fieldway Crescent had resulted in an Anti Social Behaviour Order being issued to the Youth causing the damage. PCSO’s S Oatley and L Paul have been keeping regular observations since the incident. 1 crime was reported in the area (non payment for fuel at Northwood Garage). The Roads Policing Unit has set speed monitors in Pallance Road and Wyatts Lane. Mrs Jardine said 2 old bicycles had been taken from Pallance Road during the past 3 weeks. R Mazillius stated that when there is a Police presence in Cowes, then trouble moves to Gurnard and onto Pallance Lane and Wyatts Lane field. He also reported that a man and his wife were walking across Venner Avenue Park when they startled a young woman, who was in front of them. She went to a gang of youths who proceeded to beat up the man.

        J Pullen said he had picked up many lager and beer cans, a miniature liqueur bottle and a wine bottle. He also advised the meeting that the Police 101 telephone number is staying operational for NON URGENT calls. Some residents have received calls supposedly from the Daily Mail, saying they are working on a promotion with Northwood Stores. This is not true. Mrs Jardine said she has had 2 calls. J Pullen also stressed to members to warn neighbours and friends NOT to give out for your Bank details to anyone on the phone saying they are your bank. Your bank will NEVER call to ask for your details.

3. Secretary’s Report:
 Mrs Palmerton advised the meeting that the funding for the Notice board and Bus
Shelter seats has been received from IWEP. Comments have been received from elderly residents welcoming the provision of the seats. The entry for this year’s Calor Village of the Year is being prepared. It is hoped that the Northwood Parish Council will work alongside the Partnership for this event.

4. Treasurer’s Report:¬ Mrs Jonas passed round a copy of her report to all members. This was accepted.. She
advised the meeting that she would not be standing for re election at the next A.G.M. The Chairman extended grateful thanked Anne for all her hard work over the past years. All agreed. We will not be loosing Anne, as she will still attend meetings when possible as the W. I. representative.

5. Councilor’s Report:¬R Mazillius said that most people have received a copy of his report with the Northwood News. He said that the Government are considering a blanket ban on speeding from 60 mph to 50mph. Local Government can make it lower if they so wish. The Island Games 2011 will be launched shortly. Volunteers will be required to assist with the Games and this will be advertised on the 10W Council website.

6: Northwood in Bloom & One Million Blooms:-The troughs are looking lovely with the spring bulbs in flower. A meeting is being held by the lOW Council regarding Wight in Bloom. The Secretary will attend. A Suggestion was made that when the troughs are being changed to summer planting, the Polyanthus be potted up and sold, to raise some funds for future planting. The One Million Blooms gardens will be planted up during the next week. If anyone wishes to assist, it would be appreciated. D. Miller said he was unable to assist during the day, but offered his trailer for transport.

7: Future Bids:¬Mrs Yule sent an email stating she has looked up funders and when the Welcome Pack is ready, she thinks that “Awards for All” would be right funders, A Chick passed round a draft copy of the Welcome Pack. He asked for any comments, ideas and format to be emailed to him before the next meeting.

8: Safer routes to School:¬P Fuller reported that it is anticipated the School travel plans should be in place by 2011. The Parish Council’s Traffic and Transport working party will be working with the Schools. He said that any residents wishing to assist would be most welcome.. A Chick asked if an item could be placed in the Northwood News, to emphasis, that pedestrians, walking where there is no pavement, should travel on the side facing the on-coming traffic.
9: Village Trail:¬P Fuller passed round a copy of the trail, which he and J Pullen have walked. The trail is around 11 miles and takes about 6 hours to complete the whole walk. Smaller trails have been identified- 1 takes in all the footpaths. The other 2 link with the Pubs, shops, and seating etc. Mrs Jardine suggested that contact be made with the Ramblers Association representatives for the area. N Thearle said be has a map that could be of use. P Fuller said he was willing to escort any members of the Partnership who would like to walk part of the trail. Paul and John (and Megan) will re walk the trail and any amendments can be made. Anything anyone wishes to add, please email Paul.

10.     Trim Trail:¬Mrs Yule also stated in her email that after some further         investigations, it would not fit in for Northwood.
11.     Calor Village of the Year:¬ As the Secretary previously stated the entry is being  
        compiled. The Judging will take place between the middle of May and end of July.
12. Future Agenda items:
        Welcome Pack
        Village Trail
        Calor Village of the Year
        Contribution to Rabbit fencing for allotments
13. Date of next Meeting:




There being no further business the Chairman closed the meeting at 9.35 pm, thanking all present for their attendance
 Signed Chairman               


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