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Minutes of the Meeting of Planning Committee, held in the Women’s Institute Hall, Northwood, Isle of Wight on Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Present: Councillors Peter Brooker (Chairman), John Pullen (Vice Chairman), Colin Cramp, Marie Ely, Paul Fuller, Roger Mazillius, Colin Palmerton, Eileen Turner-Palmerton

In attendance: 
Barbara Herbert (Clerk and RFO)
There were five members of the public present.

15. Apologies
There no apologies tendered.

16. Declarations of Interest
Cllr P Brooker declared a personal and prejudicial interest in Minute No 18 ii as he received a pension from BAE Systems
Cllr Mrs M Ely declared a personal interest in Minute 18 i as she knew the applicant
Cllr P Fuller declared a personal interest in Minutes 18 i and ii as he was member of the IW Council’s Planning Committee

17. Minutes of the Meeting held on 20 October 2009


THAT the Minutes of the Meeting held on 20 October 2009 be confirmed as a true record and that the Chairman be authorized to sign the Minutes on behalf of the Council.

18. Town and Country Planning
Consideration was given to the following applications received and comments made in accordance with the guidance for material planning considerations listed at
Prior to the consideration of the following items of business Cllr P Fuller withdrew to the public seating area and took no part in the discussion or decision thereon.

i. TCP/ 29895 Unit 6, Somerton Industrial Park, Enterprise Way, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 8AP – Extension to existing mezzanine to create gym and associated facilities.


THAT this Parish Council raises no material planning objections in respect of the application TCP/29895.

Prior to the consideration of the following item of business Cllr P Brooker having declared a personal prejudicial interest withdrew from the meeting chamber and took no part in the discussion or decision thereon.  Cllr J Pullen took the chair.

ii. TCP/21760/X BAE Systems (Defence Systems) Ltd, Newport Road, Cowes, Isle of Wight, PO31 8PF – Full consent for retail foodstore with associated parking, landscaping and balancing pond; with vehicular access from Three Gates Road; Outline consent for commercial/industrial development (B class uses) with vehicular access from Three Gates Road.

A member of the public, Mr N Yule addressed the Planning Committee, advising that although he did not wish to raise any objections in respect of the retail foodstore, he questioned the viability of further industrial units in the area.  Mr Yule also expressed his concerns over the safety of school children and those visually impaired due to the anticipated increase in vehicular traffic on 7 days per week, as stated in the application by BAE Systems Ltd. He considered that the current speed limit of 40mph should be reduced to 30 mph. Mr Yule also suggested that the closing off of the existing entrance to BAE Systems, making a new entrance as part of the proposed development and installing safe pedestrian crossings across the Newport Road and also in Three Gates Road, would increase public safety. 

Cllr Pullen read out the email from a resident in Seaview Road, Cowes, which had been previously circulated to Councillors that set out his concerns over road safety.

During discussion, Councillors welcomed the application overall, but raised a number of concerns primarily in respect of both vehicular and pedestrian safety.  Councillors considered the suggested change to the entrance to BAE Systems but were minded that although this could be a potential area of concern, further problems would arise if it was moved to along Three Gates Road.


i. THAT Northwood Parish Council welcomes the application both for the retail foodstore and the outline permission for commercial/industrial units. 

ii. However, as this council has a number of concerns over vehicular, cyclists and pedestrian safety it seeks assurances that a full traffic management survey covering the Newport Road, Three Gates Road, Place Road and Seaview Road is undertaken and that all appropriate highway engineering identified takes place to address any traffic and public safety issues.  The Parish Council suggest that a s106 agreement is reached with the developers on these matters.

The Parish Council also recommends that the following is included in the traffic management survey:
· A proper safe route to school is identified
· The reduction of the speed limit to 30 mph along Three Gates Road and the Newport Road
· A pelican crossing is installed in the Newport Road, just north of the existing roundabout, which should form part of the re-engineering of the roundabout
· A pelican crossing is also installed in Three Gates Road
· A designated cycle lane is marked out in Three Gates Road
· Double yellow lines are installed in Three Gates Road from the roundabout to the industrial estate entrance, along both sides of the road as a minimum.




Signed …………………………………………….  Dated ……………………………..

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