Northwood Village Produce Association


The Association was formed in 1945 by Mr ‘Skipper’ Saunders who was Headmaster of Northwood Primary School and thought it was a good idea to support the ‘Dig for Victory’ scheme as part of the War effort.  The Association has carried on ‘Growing and Showing’ to the present day.
Indoor meetings are held from April to October on the second Friday of each month, in Gurnard Church Hall.  However, some months members visit places of interest around the Island.  We are currently not meeting during the school summer holidays.
We welcome all who are interested in gardening at any level, or indeed those who simply want to listen to the talks and socialise over tea and biscuits.  With the resurgence of interest in growing vegetables, there is much to be learned from those with years of experience.  We want to be true to our roots: a place where anyone can feel comfortable sharing ideas and learning from others.
In the summer, the Association holds its Annual Show in Northwood Village Hall, Newport Road, when villagers proudly display the best produce from their garden and/or allotment. The range of classes has expanded to include not just fruit, flowers and vegetables but floral art, bakery, preserves, handicrafts, and a children’s section.
Each December there is the Carrot Trophy Quiz, a highly contested but light-hearted competition between the Northwood & Gurnard organisations.
Full details of meetings and events can be found elsewhere on this website in the diaries, in Northwood News, on the village notice board, and at Northwood Stores. All NVPA events are also advertised on the Northwood Village website Facebook page, so anyone Liking the website will receive notice of the events in their newsfeed.
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Visitors and New Members are always Welcome – Contact 07913 287654 for Show Schedules and information about meetings.



Programme 2018

Meetings held in Gurnard Church Hall from 2pm – 4pm

(Visitors £1)


Meetings will be held on:


Friday 13th April

Friday 11th May

Friday 8th June

Friday 14th September

Friday 12th October – ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Please bring any spare plants, books etc. to indoor meetings for our Bring and Buy stall. Thank you.


Sunday 22nd July – 72nd ANNUAL SHOW

Time: 2pm – 4.30pm

Venue: Northwood Village Hall


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